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Promoting Italian book publishing throughout the world

Daily Archives: 13 July 2020


A new series of Italian poetry in Spain

The Italianist Juan Pérez Andrés (1973) from Valencia and the poet Paolo Febbraro (1965) have coordinated a collection ...

Books and literary festivals: news from Lyon and its surroundings

A rich calendar of events and initiatives of international importance that have been promoted by an extensive constellation ...

A German series discovers Italy: an interview with Mario Desiati

Mario Desiati is a novelist, poet and essay writer. His novel, Il paese delle spose infelici ,2008, won ...

Notice for extraordinary contributions to disseminate Italian books abroad

Aimed at spreading and promoting Italian language and culture worldwide and promoting the country system, the Ministry of ...

Italy is guest of honor at Frankfurt in 2024

“The shift to guest of honor at Frankfurt Book Fair, from 2023 to 2024, finds us more committed ...