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Daily Archives: 26 October 2020

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Sibilla Aleramo in other languages

Rina Faccio (1876-1960), an emancipated woman of many talents, was reborn as a writer under the pseudonym Sibilla ...

Two Italian bookshops in Berlin: an interview

Dante Connection has existed in its current form since 1994. It is an independent bookshop, located in the ...

From Barcelona: interview with Silvia Sesé, editorial director of Anagrama

Silvia Sesé, born in Tremp, Lérida, in 1965, has been the editorial director of Anagrama since 2017. She ...
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Interview with Antony Shugaar, writer and translator

Antony Shugaar is a writer and a translator from the Italian and the French. He’s translated dozens of ...