Natalia Mandelli

Astrid Molenberg

Irene Goes

Anna Boguslavskaya

Anna Jampolskaja

Andrey Manukhin

Brigidina Gentile

Quel maledetto Vronskij

Longlisted for Premio Strega 2022. Flaiano Career Award 2021. Winner of Premio Mastercard Letteratura 2021. “Please forgive me, I’m so tired. Don...

Maia Turabelidze

Olga Gurevich

Mikhail Viesel

Gunilla e il Regno sommerso

School is over and the long-awaited day has arrived. Gunilla and her three best friends – Roy, Gino and Toby ...

Labrys – Labirinto della Vita (La Rinascita)

Labrys – Labyrinth of Life (The Rebirth) is the long-awaited sequel to Lughe de Chelu (I Cancelli del Cielo, published in sixth ...

Andrea Santurbano

Patricia Peterle

Costantino Brumidi “Il Michelangelo degli Stati Uniti d’America”

Christmas 1850 is only a few days away; the government of the papal restoration is cancelling all the reforms produced ...

Stelle e Alambicchi. L’improbabile nodo tra alchimia e chimica

The word alchemy is part of the everyday lexicon and generally refers to a particularly refined operation or thought, reserved ...

Il tesoro invisibile/ The Invisible Treasure

‘What is exposed on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg. These deposits are dreamlike places, suspended in ...

L’ultimo orizzonte – The Last Horizon

What do we know about the universe? A lot: its age, its structure, what it contains and how it evolved into ...

Monty Banks

Hollywood in Romagna Memories of Belvedere We remember him in his returns at home, where the moneyed manager of American movie found ...