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Brussels: Antonio Scurati wins the European Book Prize

The 16th European Book Prize was won by the Italian Antonio Scurati for his novel M. l’uomo della provvidenza. After M. il figlio del secolo, published in 2018, M. L’uomo della provvidenza (2020) is the second volume of a tetralogy devoted to Mussolini and the history of fascism in Italy. The third volume, M. Gli ultimi giorni dell’Europa, came out in Italy this year.

The jury of the European Book Prize is composed of permanent Brussels-based journalists from different EU countries: Michaela Wiegel (Germany), Stefan de Vries (Netherlands), Ana Navarro Pedro (Portugal), Tiago Rodrigues (Portugal; President of the jury), Ylva Nilsson (Sweden), François Clémenceau (France), Marc Bassets (Spain), Alain Beuve-Méry (France), Jakob Hanke (Belgium), Pierre Haski (France), Béatrice Delvaux (Belgium), Katherine Diez (Denmark), Alexia Kefalas (Greece), Sandrine Treiner (France), Charles Jaigu (France), Anaïs Ginori (Italy) and Sébastien Le Fol (France).