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Promoting Italian book publishing throughout the world

In other languages

Goffredo Parise in other languages

Goffredo Parise; from Vicenza to Latvia, a talent that crosses borders and fascinates ...

Carlo Emilia Gadda in other languages 

Translations of  the works of Carlo Emilio Gadda in the world

Umberto Eco in other languages

One of the best-known Italian writers in the world

Natalia Ginzburg in other languages

Le opere di Natalia Ginzburg tradotte in oltre venticinque lingue

Pietro Bembo in other languages

The translations of Pietro Bembo’s works

Giovambattista Marino in other languages

The works of Giovambattista Marino around the world

Francesco Guicciardini in other languages

From France to Spain and Russia: Francesco Guicciardini in the world.

Primo Levi in other languages

Today Primo Levi is read worldwide. Translated in almost fifty languages capable of overcoming barriers amongst different generations.