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Circe: una metamorfosi inaspettata

Circe: una metamorfosi inaspettata

Wonder,  Circe,  supports  her  on  everything:  snow,  mother’s  milk,  a  visit  from  a  doctor.  It  is  his  way  to  know  the  world,  to  marvel.  Growing  up,  she  discovers  trees  and  the  intimate,  brotherly  bond  that  binds  her  to  them.  The  story  that  Circe:  una  metamorfosi  inaspettata  contains  knows  how  to  be  wise,  profoundly  wise  in  its  simplicity:  it  demonstrates  how  intensity  can  be  found  in  every  aspect,  even  the  most  tragic,  of  everyone’s  life.

Publishing house:

Argentodorato Editore

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Ferrara

Number of pages: 47

Price: € 20,00

ISBN: 9791280273000

Circe: una metamorfosi inaspettata

Alessandra Muschella

Born in Turin, she grew up and was trained between Catania and Palermo. Since 2010 she has lived in Acireale. She currently works as a psychologist. She has collaborated with specialized education magazines and has written literary reviews and costume articles for newspapers La Repubblica and for La Sicilia. Circe: una metamorfosi inaspettata is her third publication for children and is the first part of a trilogy that has as its theme respect for the environment.