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Claude Chabrol

Claude Chabrol

Foreign rights sold:
Éditions de Grenelle (France)

This is a detailed and illustrated analysis of all of Chabrol’s films. The book contains opinions and observations by Chabrol himself, a critical anthology, and more than 250 b/w and color stills.

A Tribute to the Great French Master of Cinema.

Author, journalist, and film critic Patrick Saffar traces Claude Chabrol’s highly prolific career in the form of a unique retrospective. Saffar offers commentary on each of Chabrol’s 57 films, and also reviews Chabrol’s productions for television as well as the director’s final works. Though the latter had never received consideration by French critics before, today they are generating new interest. Saffar patiently reconstructs the portrait of the artist like an intricate mosaic. He takes us from Chabrol’s films destined to become models for the Nouvelle Vague, to the scandals of Les Biches and Violette Nozière, from the unforgettable portraits of women portrayed by Isabelle Huppert, to the films based upon the works of G. Simenon and P. Highsmith. Indeed, Chabrol’s seemingly easy-going cinema then flows to the most extreme provocation as it leads the viewer to reconsider his most deeply rooted certitudes. In addition, all of the films presented are accompanied by a selection of press extracts from French or foreign publications and quotes by Chabrol himself.

  • – A detailed analysis of all of Chabrol’s works. For each one of them, the story of how the project saw the light, the story and background of the filming.
  • – A whole chapter is devoted to Chabrol’s intense and largely unknown production for television.
  • – The book contains opinions and observations by Chabrol himself, a rich critical anthology, and a remarkable gallery of more than 250 b/w and color stills.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Cinema/theatre/dance

Publishing house:

Gremese International

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 224

Price: 29,00 €

ISBN: 978-88-6692-111-0

Foreign rights manager: Alberto Gremese:

Claude Chabrol

Patrick Saffar

Patrick Saffar is a journalist, researcher, speaker and film critic. He contributes to foreign and French magazines such as Jeune Cinema and Positif and is an active participant in film events in all the world, among which the Cannes Film Festival.