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Da grande voglio fare il poeta (I want to be a poet)

Da grande voglio fare il poeta (I want to be a poet)



I have discovered that with children we can really talk about everything; obviously it depends on how you do it. Having the privilege of being able to reason, read and write together with children starting from the verses of the greatest poets, I realized that this genre provides indeed a magical door. A kind of portal beyond time that directly overlooks the thoughts, the feelings, the fears, and the wonder of children. Their poems are: a condensation of the unexpected, beauty, depth and lightness (which are not contrasting terms!).

This could be the guideline to this anthology which is divided into two sections: ‘Thoughts on great things’, which collects the most philosophical poems or those which explicitly discuss complex themes, and ‘Thoughts on unimaginable things’, a section collecting the most playful, funny and nonsensical ones. With the aim of describing, with his own words, the nature of childhood which is both touching and entertaining at the same time.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Italy

Number of pages: 208

Price: 19,90

ISBN: 9788891823144

Foreign rights manager: Masha Vincenti:

Da grande voglio fare il poeta (I want to be a poet)

Azzurra D\'Agostino

Azzurra D’Agostino has published several collections of poetry: Thin air, Transeuropa 2011 – selected for the ViareggioAward; Songs of an abandoned place, SassiScritti 2013 – winner of the Carducci Prize in 2014, Private alphabetist, Lietocol- le- Pordenonelegge 2016 finalist in the Carducci Prize 2017. She also writes for the theatre, runs poetry workshops and deals with cultural organization.