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A story of authentic and moving formation, which sweeps away clichés with a breath of fresh air and knows how to become a universal message.

You can grow up in the same city, walk the same streets, meet the same people, but live stories so far away that you feel you’re living in two different worlds. The story of Mohamed is the story of a child who learns too early to know on his own skin the hostility dictated by ignorance, the wickedness of the pack and the hypocrisy of adults.The story of Raissa is the story of a little girl surrounded by a bubble of love and protected from everything that is \’different\’, which opens to the world full of curiosity and questions and wants to learn to walk on her own legs. A child with a swirling inner universe, looking for a lens to harness her talent and focus her future.Two parallel roads that bend towards each other, touching each other, until they get to intertwine and become one. Two kindred souls who recognize each other. Two \’I\’ who become a \’we\’. Because, even if you come from different worlds, you can live the same emotions: fears, insecurity, fatigue in self-acceptance, the desire to succeed, the ability to smile, the desire to love.

The story of Mohamed and Raissa is the story of two young persons who fall in love and face together all the experiences of a young couple, discovering passions in common and those small differences that make us unique. But they also learn what it means to fight daily against hatred and prejudices, and they choose not to remain silent, but to use self-irony as the only weapon, turning difficulties into an opportunity for personal growth and their history into a point of reference for many boys and girls like them: to open the first chapter of a new story together.

Raissa Russi, born in 1996, was born in Moncalieri and grew up in Turin, she graduated in Management Sciences and Labour Consulting. Mohamed Ismail Bayed, was born in 1993 in Casablanca and raised in Turin, graduated in physical education with a diploma as a physiotherapist. Since the spring of 2020 they share their daily life as a mixed couple on the  web, defusing the prejudices and hostility they encounter with intelligent grace and much irony.