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Diego Marani presents his new book in Paris

On 13 December 2022, at 7pm, Diego Marani‘s book L’uomo che voleva essere una minoranza (published by La Nave di Teseo) will be presented at the Tour de Babel bookshop in Paris.

With the participation of the author.

Diego Marani is a writer, translator and journalist. He is currently director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. In 1996, as a translator for the Council of the European Union, he invented Europanto, a language that is a free combination of the vocabularies and grammars of the most common languages in the European Union: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch, among others. He used it in a humorous book, Las adventures de l’inspector Cabillot, published in France. His most famous novel, Nouvelle grammaire finnoise, was awarded the Grinzane-Cavour literary prize in Italy. He is the author of other novels, including Il ritorno di San Giorgio and La città celeste. L’uomo che voleva essere una minoranza is a novel-pamphlet that explores with irony the sensitive themes and neuroses of our time.