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I rimedi floreali italiani ( Italian flower remedies )

I rimedi floreali italiani ( Italian flower remedies )


  • • Improve your emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing
  • • Make your own remedies using local flowers
  • • Flower remedies, Chinese meridians and chakras

Many people are familiar with Bach remedies, but not everyone knowsthat flower essences can also be prepared by using local flowers.Italian Flower Remedies is a guide that helps you identify, prepare,and use 33 new remedies that can be obtained locally, from the flowersthat grow in your surroundings.Mara Granzotto proposes a production method that can be applied toa larger number of plants, and that, most important, does not includescutting or picking any flower. After all, when dealing with vibrations, thelife and wellbeing of plants shouldn’t be underestimated!Italian Flower Remedies associates 33 remedies with anatomicalparts and physical problems, with the meridians of Traditional ChineseMedicine and the chakras of Indian tradition.Search keys related to the vibrational properties of flowers, thecharacteristics and possible problems allow you to identify quickly themost suitable remedy.

Genre: How-To

Subject: Practice / Self-help / Personal development

Publishing house:

Edizioni il Punto d\'Incontro

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Vicenza

Number of pages: 144

Price: 12,90

ISBN: 9788868204877

Foreign rights manager: Cristina Levi (

I rimedi floreali italiani ( Italian flower remedies )

Mara Granzotto

MARA GRANZOTTO studied traditional and emotional kinesiology, flower therapy, phytotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, foot and ear reflexology, Tantra, and energy approaches such as Reiki, Pranic Healing and Qigong.