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I walk alone

I walk alone


A brave act of laying bare one’s private and family history through the gradual discovery of walking as well-being
therapy. La Stampa

An inner voyage where each step leads not to a destination but to self-discovery. Where walking becomes a way to find your own place in the world and to give meaning to your life. Donna Moderna

Recommended for those who are trying to find themselves and for those who think that they already did, but don’t know yet that the journey is as long as one’s wish to discover and understand it. Wired

Despite her career, her public position and her love life, Alessandra is unhappy. Then one day she tells herself: “I must confront my solitude, look it in the face, walk, stumble, curse with it. I must eviscerate it, tear it apart, dive my hands into it”. That day, she quits her job, leaves her boyfriend, closes the door of her house, and just starts walking. Walking sets her body into motion and makes her rediscover the erect position. She looks for peace and the slower rhythms of nature, makes new friends, finds ephemeral loves, and experiences the intensity of sex without commitment. She walks along ancient paths, through the places of her childhood. She walks under rain and hail, up steep climbs. To walk is to put your feet on the ground, to become rooted. The hourly, daily, weekly hypnotic repetition of the steps triggers her memory. Episodes from her childhood and teenage years come back to her with new force. The more she emembers, the more these memories unsettle her. So she decides to face an uncompromising solitude: she sets on her journey alone, in the winter. Suddenly she is plunged into an inner journey, where each step brings her closer to something that is not as much a destination as the self-discovery and awareness of her own qualities and limits. Alessandra’s journey is a struggle to find her own place in the world and to give a meaning to her life. Io cammino da sola is a book that every lone spirit should read.

Genre: Biographies/autobiographies/memoirs

Subject: Practice / Self-help / Personal development

Publishing house:

Ediciclo Editore

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Portogruaro, Venezia

Number of pages: 176

Price: 14,00

ISBN: 9788865492192

I walk alone

Alessandra Beltrame

Alessandra Beltrame was born in Treviso in 1964. She lives between Udine and Milan and has been working as a journalist for various publishing groups. She gave up on a steady job twice because she wanted to live first and write later. Since 2013, she has been going on hikes at every opportunity, with her backpack and sometimes in the company of her dog.