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Intolleranze alimentari (Food intolerances)

  • • A scientific yet user-friendly manual on food intolerance, combiningnew research and a practical approach
  • • Identifies the mechanisms behind food intolerance
  • • An expert homeopath and herbalist explains how to combine remediesand lifestyle, for a positive and effective solution

Based on the most recent discoveries, Food Intolerances casts a lighton the problem, explaining the mechanisms and causes behind thedevelopment of food intolerances and above all, the ways to face andsolve them. In addition, it suggests a method based on natural remediesand on an appropriate lifestyle, which has yielded surprising results inovercoming this problem for good.

Targhetta Alessandro

ALESSANDRO TARGHETTA is a specialist in geriatrics and gerontology, and anexpert in homeopathy and herbal therapy.Since the 1990s he has also beenworking as a nutritionist, with specialfocus on food intolerances. Dr Targhettaholds seminars nationwide in homeopathy,herbal therapy and natural nutrition.