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Leonardo. The Secrets of a Genius

Leonardo. The Secrets of a Genius

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be a genius like Leonardo? With this magical notebook in hand you can start on your own path to creativity. Designs, projects, and fantastic machines from Leonardo’s famous notebooks will inspire you to fill the spaces with your own ideas. Leonardo brings you into his world, and urges you to work beside him and understand his thought processes. Having studied everything from science to painting, to anatomy, to stage direction, to architecture and machinery, Leonardo’s vision will fill your mind with amazing thoughts and ideas. He did not start out as an excellent student, he may even have been dyslexic, but by studying, sketching, working and never giving up, he became the grande maestro: to painters, architects, writers and poets. Here he is, in all his genius, inviting you to join him and thanks to the extraordinary talents of author Luca Novelli, you can… Venite!

Genere: Ragazzi

Soggetto: Arti e storia dell\'arte / Architettura

Casa editrice:

Giunti Editore

Anno di pubblicazione: 2020

Luogo di pubblicazione: Italia

Numero di pagine: 168

Prezzo: 16

ISBN: 9788809899933

Diritti stranieri:

Leonardo. The Secrets of a Genius

Luca Novelli

Luca Novelli: scrittore, disegnatore e viaggiatore. Vecchio amico di Leonardo. I suoi libri di scienze per ragazzi sono pubblicati in 28 lingue.