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Many intelligences

Many intelligences

Don't think that human beings are the only intelligent species on the planet!

Intelligence is one of the many forces in the universe: it lets us understand, communicate and collaborate. But don’t think that human beings are the only intelligent species on the planet! Octopuses, starfish and elephants, as well as trees in forests, all have different kinds of intelligence from ours. And there is yet another kind of intelligence, the kind that humans are learning to create in laboratories: artificial intelligence.

At the moment it can do simple things, but it is already helping us in many different ways (it even knows how to compose new music!). As time goes by, the objects we use every day will become more and more intelligent: imagine cars communicating with each other to avoid accidents, or alarm clocks able to wake us up when we are feeling less sleepy… What will they think? How will they treat us? And how do we treat other kinds of intelligence?

With Many intelligencesMatteo Loglio lets us peek into the future and imagine a world where pots, cars and toasters will be as intelligent as we are (or maybe even more so). Without forgetting our current task: being the most intelligent beings on the planet also means being responsible for all the others.

Genre: Kids

Subject: Technology / Engineering / Agriculture

Publishing house:

Corraini Edizioni

Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Mantova

Number of pages: 56

Price: 18

ISBN: 9788875708894

Foreign rights manager: Giovanna Ballin

Many intelligences

Matteo Loglio

Matteo Loglio designs future products and interactions. He works across creative applications of artificial intelligence, playful experiments with technology and open tools for a less-boring future.