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The tenth volume of Raimon Panikkar\’s Opera Omnia brings us into the heart of his philosophical and theological thought, going to touch on all the topics most dear to him. The separation between philosophy and theology has no reason to exist for Panikkar, as the two disciplines implicate each other.

The constant study and practice of philosophy has played a very important role in Raimon Panikkar\’s life. Philosophy not only as the love of wisdom, but also as the wisdom of love. A true love is not only spontaneous, but also ecstatic, non-reflective, free of critical analysis. It has no reason. As soon as I can give my love a reason, it is no longer an authentic love. Philosophy is like being in love: it simply happens. It is a primary attitude, not a secondary one. It cannot be manipulated, neither with will nor with reason. Will and reason are just instruments, not teachers. Philosophy is a very particular kind of love. It is wisdom, the wisdom of love, the wisdom that is contained in love.


A worldwide known authors, his works are translated into a dozen languages. Partecipating in a variety of traditions (In­dian and European, Hindu and Christian, scientific and humanistic) taught in Europe, India and the United States. In the early 2000s, together with Jaca Book, he started organizing his Opera Omnia (curated by Milena Carrara Pavan), which is now in Italian, Catalan, French, English and Spanish.