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«Give me a mask and I will tell you the truth», Oscar Wilde said. Nina Bunjevac must have thought the same thing when she created Selma, Nora, Zorka and the other women presented in this book. Protagonists that have many traits in common with NIna. They’re so similar, in fact, that they make her same mistakes and suffer her same anxieties. Always dating the wrong men, difficult parents, a personal past stained violence and a present dominated by a constant feeling of being far from home no matter where she is. Through their misadventures, and with her statuesque and magnetic touch Bunjevac looks mercilessly at her condition as a woman without a homeland and without owners, thinking about the price of freedom. From one of the most powerful illustrators currently working, a book that touches very delicate themes like political identity and emigration with enlightening clarity.

Bunjevac Nina

(1973) is a Canadian illustrator of Yugoslav origins. For Rizzoli Lizard she authored Fatherland, an autobiographical work that has been internationally recognised and translated. In 2019, her Bezimena, Anatomia di uno stupro, won the prize for best graphic novel of the year at the Festival Internazionale di Lucca. She illustrated Fiaba bianca (2018) by Antonio Moresco.