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The Breakfast Journey. Colazioni e brunch dal mondo

The Breakfast Journey. Colazioni e brunch dal mondo

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Breakfast and brunch from allover the world

Thanks to The Breakfast Journey you can now experience the full spectrum of worldwide breakfasts in the comfort of your own kitchen! A culinary world tour to indulge with the great classics you have maybe tasted during your travels or with the ones from places you still wish to visit. A choice of more than 40 sweet and savoury recipes to make the first meal of the day rather special, a chance to enjoy a treat and try something new. From Brazilian bolo de fubá to Chinese Mian TiaoTang, American Doughnuts or Icelandic Hafragrautur, you’ll be surprised and delighted by the many different ways of making your breakfasts/brunches unique and experimenting with ever-new flavours,perfumes and colors.

Genre: Cookery

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Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 148

Price: € 19,90

ISBN: 978-88-98249-534

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The Breakfast Journey. Colazioni e brunch dal mondo

Elisa Paganelli, Laura Ascari

Elisa Paganelli is an illustrator and visual designer, mainly involved in children’s publishing projects, branding and advertising. She collaborates with publishing houses, communication agencies and companies both in Italy and abroad.

Laura Ascari is a professional photographer and videomaker specialized in food. She deals with culinary photographic reportage for both large food companies and editorial projects.


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