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Lola, Bobby and Juliette are not just any trio of girls. They have exceptional talents, an exceptional friendship and an exceptional secret life. It all started when the mysterious and fascinating MissBerry turned them into Bees, agents in the pay of BIA, the Bees Intelligence Agency. With their ability to hack systems, read minds and agility, they will be sent on missions that adult agents can’t do. Between mysterious criminals, hidden conspiracies and international intrigues, there is no space for boredom.. Action stories for bright girls, with a touch of glamour: Charlie’s Angels kid style!. A lively and humorous narrative style. Spy games and activities at the end of each book

Cat Le Blanc was born in Vancouver in a family who love to travel. Growing up she inherited the the same passion and became a citizen of the world. We know little about her, but three things have been confirmed: she never parts from her two persian cats; she has a pasison for cinema; some time ago she was spotted outside the CIA headquarters in Langley (Virginia). But that\’s another story.