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Vita da spiaggia

Vita da spiaggia

The ironic and amusing portraits of oddities and absurdities of the beach lifecommon to the people of all the countries and taken by one of the most original Masters of Photography.

The book contains a wide selection of photographs taken by Martin Parr on the beaches of his country, Great Britain as well as in exotic places such as China, Argentina, Thailand, India, Japan and other closer to us, like the Italian coasts.


Beyond the latitudes where it is recorded, the ’beach life’ seems to be a world apart, where everyone expresses their own bizarre to the fullest, each one gives vent to his own whims and where unusual negotiations and commercial activities take place, from the services of a ’Ear cleaner’ in Goa in India, to grilled fish for sale in Chile, or pre-cooked spaghetti offered in China.



Martin Parr’s photographs document all aspects of this custom, with close-ups of swimmers while sunbathing, other diving into the sea or concentrated in the inevitable picnic.In the United Kingdom it is impossible to be more than 120 kilometers away from the sea and with a coastline of this extension, it is not surprising that in Britain the photos on the beach represent a well-rooted tradition: that’s why Parr has always looked at the ’beach life” as a formidable place where  understand the tics and habits of the middle class of his country. As the author says, if in the United States there is an established tradition of street photography, in the United Kingdom there is … the beach.


In this book Martin Parr gives his best, surprising us with funny and sometimes corrosive images and, above all, creating an anthropological study of the rituals and traditions that are associated with beach life around the world.

Genre: Other

Subject: Lifestyle / Leisure / Sport

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Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 96

Price: 21,90€

ISBN: 9788869658211

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Vita da spiaggia

Martin Parr

Martin Parr (Epsom, 1952) has published over 100 books. Curator of the Photographers Festival in Arles (2004) and the Biennial of Photography in Brighton (2010), he’s a member of Magnum Photos Agency since 1994 (President from 2013 to 2017). In 2013 Parr was visiting professor of Photography at the University of Ulster. His works are exhibited in major international Museums. In 2017 he created the Martin Parr Foundation promoting conservation activities with books and magazines.