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Cadrò, sognando di volare (I Will Fall While Dreaming of Flying)

Cadrò, sognando di volare (I Will Fall While Dreaming of Flying)

Foreign rights sold:
Rights sold in Germany (C. Bertelsmann)


Two men, their passion for ciclying and Marco Pantani: the incarnation of a dream.

Fabio is twenty-four years old and studies law, even though his heart isn’t really in it. One day in 1998 he is sent to the mountains to do community service as an alternative to the draft. He is assigned to a retirement home for old priests that is run by an eighty-year-old former missionary, a gruff and moody man who barely leaves his room having lost interest in everything.. Nonetheless, Fabio and Don Basagni share something in common: their passion for cycling. They start watching the Giro d’Italia together, identifying in Marco Pantani the incarnation of a dream: a brave man, tormented, who follows his instinct and exerts massive efforts that allow him to move that “terrible border between possible and impossible, between what we would like to do and what we can do.” Thanks to this marvelous madness, Fabio and Don Basagni will find in themselves the courage buried within them to question the solid, reliable existence they were accustomed to put up with.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Mondadori Libri

Year of publication: 2020

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 220

Price: €19,00

ISBN: 9788804721963

Foreign rights manager: Foreign rights manager Emanuela Canali

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Cadrò, sognando di volare (I Will Fall While Dreaming of Flying)

Fabio Genovesi

Fabio Genovesi was born in Forte dei Marmi in 1974. With Mondadori Mondadori he published the following novels: Esche vive (2011), Versilia Rock City (2012), Tutti primi sul traguardo del mio cuore (2013), Chi manda le onde (2015, Premio Strega Giovani), Il mare dove non si tocca (2017), Rolando del Camposanto (2019).

Other translations:
I libri di Fabio Genovesi sono molto tradotti all’estero. Tra i suoi editori stranieri: Lattes/Francia, Europa Editions/USA e UK, Dudaj/Albania, Patakis/Grecia, Forlaget Palomar/Danimarca, Yedhiot/Israele, Signatuur/Paesi Bassi, Via Lettera/Bulgaria, Luebbe/Germania, HyundaeMunhak/Corea, Valentina/Brasile.