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Promoting Italian book publishing throughout the world


Body to body with the Italian: In altre parole ...

Jhumpa Lahiri: “the most influential writer of fiction in America”

Dante’s Inferno translated and visualized by Tom Phillips

One of the most remarkable Twentieth Century English versions of Inferno is by the English artist Tom Phillips

Giorgio Bassani in other languages

The European dimension of Bassani’s writing

Montale, a secret Leopardi? An Interview with Jonathan Galassi

Jonathan Galassi – the legendary president of the New York publishing house Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Editorial Stories: Zsolnay and folio

The publishing houses Paul Zsolnay, headed by the Hanser group, and folio. 

Interview with Piero Luigi Fratini

Piero Luigi Fratini is interviewed by Paolo Grossi

Antonio Tabucchi in other languages

Antonio Tabucchi is one of Italy’s most known contemporary authors abroad. His books have been translated in over fifty languages.

The Divine Comedy’s Arabic translations

The story of the Divine Comedy’s Arabic translation

Goffredo Parise in other languages

Goffredo Parise; from Vicenza to Latvia, a talent that crosses borders and fascinates ...

Carlo Emilia Gadda in other languages 

Translations of  the works of Carlo Emilio Gadda in the world

Umberto Eco in other languages

One of the best-known Italian writers in the world

Natalia Ginzburg in other languages

Le opere di Natalia Ginzburg tradotte in oltre venticinque lingue

Italian booksellers in Brussels

What does it mean to have an Italian bookshop in Brussels