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A “lost generation” looking for new learnings, for growth and for rebirth. Sara is a brilliant expat with a multifaceted ...

Democrazia e buon governo

Every democracy, ancient and modern, endures the tension between two contrasting principles. The first is the egalitarian one: it is only right tha...

Sviluppo umano e relazioni economiche

What is the role of social utility in the Italian Constitution? Starting from an analysis of the Constituent debate and ...

Pensare e fare formazione psico-sociale

This book collects several thoughts that the authors have developed over the years (40 un the case of Massimo Bellotto), ...

Susan Duckling e il caso del raffreddore scomparso

A new case for little Susan, this one once accompanied by Penelope, the dog with an exceptional nose

Due hotel e un delitto

Two hotels at war, a lakefront as a battle fieldand a race against time to clear a murder suspect

St Peter’s: the history of a monument

The architectural and artistic history of St. Peter's Basilica: a unique monumental reality sculpted by genius and faith.

L’amica fantasma

A story that explores important themes such as the end of a deep friendship and the mourning of death.

Ari e il maestro di veleni

Another special character by Paolo Roversi: a young girl with a special "gift" and the right nose for mysteries to ...

La vendetta del bosco

A dark story, very current in dealing with the theme of the increasingly conflictual relationship between Man and Nature.

Il Libro dei Morti

Memories that re-emerge from the past. Surprises by the memory. An intricate and suspicious story, guarded in a mysterious Book ...

Neroinchiostro (Blackink)

A series of seemingly unrelated murders in the superstitious and ferocious Sardinia of late 19th century

Una vita nuova (A New Life)

Two friends and a journey across Italy in a read car to find a new way of staying in old ...

Di chi è la colpa (Who is to blame)

A glorious Dickensian novel, an elegant meditation on loss, self-deception and the haunting power of blaming other people for our ...

Sempre tornare (Always Return)

A picaresque novel, a journey down Italy and at the same time a deep and poetic reflection on life and ...

I misteri del Lago Nero

Both a thriller and a noir: a mix of excellent ingredients as in a well cooked meal.

Senza una buona ragione

The topic of bullying is the focus of a thriller story. «Andersen Prize» 2021 for the «Best book over 15 ...

Via del Sorriso 123

The perfect gift to start out the new year with new friends!

La scimmia che si era persa

Good things come to those who know how to wait - and hope!

10 indizi per Agatha

A captivating novel to understand the origins of the most famous investigator in the world and the story of an ...