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Antica madre

An epic tail from a bestselling author, translated worldwide. About 60.000 copies sold in 4 months

Diversamente amabile

I couldn't help loving Luca, with his life worth twice as much, when I felt then that mine was worth ...

Il segreto di Pietramala

A compelling novel that moves the reader through the mysteries of forgotten languages and unforgettable loves.

Prima che te lo dicano altri

“A writer who haS lived a thousand lives.”

Marco Ansaldo, «Robinson – la Repubblica»

Se una notte a Parigi una tedesca e un italiano ...

The novel is at once a coming-of-age novel, as well as a manual for modern dads, and even a manifesto ...

Le creature (The Children)

Massimiliano Virgilio returns to tell about his city, Naples, in a powerful must-read novel for anyone interested in Italian new ...

Torno subito

After all, keeping death in mind always reduces the stupid things of life.


Winner of Premio DeA Planeta 2020

Il corno di Orlando (Orlando’s horn)

«A sharp portrayal of athletes, executives, politicians, and journalists gravitating around the world of racing. A statement of love ...

Peccati immortali (Immortal Sins)

A gripping thriller inside Rome’s and the Vatican’s hall of power

33 Indagini per Sarti Antonio

The 33 investigations of Sarti Antonio now collected in one volume!

La selva degli impiccati

From the slums of Paris to the forests of Burgundy, the autumn of a Middle Age full of deceits and ...

Cinque donne e un arancino

A story of female empowerment. The first adventure of the women of Monte Pepe: five fighters who, despite many challenges, ...

Millennials. Il Mondo Nuovo (Millennials. The New World)

A fast-paced and visually powerful novel imagining a world where only people under 17 survive

Una domenica

Fabio Geda’s compelling storytelling style balances reminiscence with hope as he embeds an entire lifetime into a single day.

I valori che contano (avrei preferito non scoprirli)

A delightful and consistently intriguing ‘comédie humaine’. The quiet life of a provincial lawyer, recounted in the ironic and engaging ...


Jonathan is 31 years old in 2016, in a day like any other in January he is feverish, it never ...

Non chiamarmi strega

Lucetta was born on May 15th, 1505, on a sunny morning, in a house perfumed with herbs, into the enveloping arms ...

Il progetto Valhalla

The past hides unspeakable horrors. And their memory, very often, comes back to torment us in the present … and ...