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Un giorno per disfare (A day to take apart)

«A cruel story, the sadness of its message leaves the reader stunned, and admired for the ability of the messenger» ...

E baboucar guidava la fila

Now the invisibles have their own novel

Giugno (June)

A reckless kid from the wrong side of the tracks. A summer that will blow his horizons wide open. A ...

Il bell’Antonio (Beautiful Antonio)

A vivid, hilarious and sarcastic novel on family honor and the “macho”culture in the Sicily of the Thirties

Zero gradi (Zero degrees)

Through first-person narration, the protagonist of this story reveals how she has abandoned her home, her children, and her husband, ...

L’angelo di Monaco

Munich, september 1931. Police commissioner Siegfried Sauer is summoned urgently to a stately apartment in Prinzregentenstrasse, where an attractive 2...

Il silenzio dell’acciuga

Tresa was educated by her father to be silent and disciplined. She must resemble completely to Gero, her twin bother: ...

Mare loro

Coming of age of a succesful woman, from wealth to civil activism.


A family saga in which love, passion, solitude and betrayal are depicted against the background of great historical upheavals in ...

Cartoline dai morti (2007-2017)

Striking stories of just a few lines, on the many ways of dying. Penetrating, ironic, dry, they are told by ...

Tutto chiede salvezza

A touching novel by one of the most powerful voices in the Italian panorama

Le creature (The Children)

Massimiliano Virgilio returns to tell about his city, Naples, in a powerful must-read novel for anyone interested in Italian new ...

Chi manda le onde (The Breaking of a Wave)

A powerful celebration of life in a touching, imaginative and vibrant novel.

Coppi ultimo (The last Coppi)

«A style that runs lightly on paper like Coppi's bicycle on asphalt» – Alessandra Selmi

La stanza dei canarini (The canary room)

An intense, painful and brilliant story about what it takes to find ourselves through someone else.

Una donna normale

A strong, exciting protagonist. An ordinary and yet extraordinary woman. A secret she cannot reveal even to her family.

Figlio del lupo (The wolf’s son)

The sumptuously imagined novel of Jack London

Il treno di cristallo

A charming contemporary fairy tale

La regina dei cornetti salati

Uncommon rhythm, tenderness and literary wisdom. Tijana Djerkovic has writing in her blood!

Un assist per morire

An atypical novel about football, which introduces crime story in docudrama structure