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I come Italia Nuova Edizione

Italy from I to Z. A volume of italian civilization.


Raissa and Momo are the most beautiful couple in the world: two boyfriends who joyfully tear apart the stereotypes

Ritrova la tua energia (Find Your Energy)

The practical guide that helps you to find your energy, thanks to the benefits of the cleansing.

Eli Dizionario Illustrato

Eli Illustrated Dictionary presents the basic words to stimulate the learning of the italian language for young and adult students ...

Eli Vocabolario Illustrato

The brand new Illustrated Vocabulary, for young students of A1-A2 level, offers more than 1000 words divided by thematic areas ...

Collezione di spine (Collection of Thorns)

A succulent, unusual and beloved garden, created in decades and told in its making and changes by the man who ...

Manuale dell’illustratore

The reference handbook for those who want to become illustrators

Fare grafica editoriale

A comprehensive handbook on all aspects of book design

Recapitulanda 2021

Recapitulanda 2021: last of a sequence of three Latin titles

Jo mo

A study on Buddhist asceticism conjugated to the feminine.

Cristalli, olî essenziali e fiori di Bach

Everything in the universe that surrounds us is intimately linked to all the others by a subtle and mysterious thread ...

Sordello da Goito e l’Italia peninsulare. Rapporti con l’Abruzzo e ...

What is the link between Sordello da Goito and a small village in the Abruzzo hinterland, Civitella Messer Raimondo?

Russian and Soviet ground attack aircraft

Ground attack, anti-tank and close air support aircraft; light and short range bombers; counter insurgency and armed reconnaissance planes. Aircraft ...

IH870 Ustica Gli Eretici

Over the last forty years, the plane crash that occurred at DC9 Itavia on June 27, 1980 has turned into ...

Il Paradosso di Fermi. Where is everybody?

Countless articles and books have been written on the Fermi paradox. The existence of extraterrestrials fascinates humanity. Various acronyms have ...

Lost in the sky

In ‘Lost in the sky’ the author reports all the cases of missing and never found commercial aircraft, starting from ...

Aerotoxic Syndrome

For the Italian public, the topic covered in this text represents an absolute novelty. It speaks of ’accidents’ unfortunately very ...

Stealth. Teoria e tecnologia dell’invisibilità

Probably, during his studies and observations on the flight of birds, Leonardo da Vinci had already observed some stealth flights ...

Storia ed Evoluzione dei Caccia Sovietici a Reazione, 1945-1955

This book is the result of a series of researches that have led to the comparison and intersection of a ...