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Come conquistare uno stronzo ( How to win over a jerk)

Come conquistare uno stronzo ( How to win over a jerk)


When women want to describe a man they have a relationship with that

causes them suffering and anxiety, they sum it up in one word: he’s a jerk!

If you find yourself in a situation where…

  • You can’t understand his behavior
  • You waste your time waiting for his decisions
  • He tells you he likes you but does not want to commit
  • He makes you promises that he won’t keep
  • It feel like a dream, but then he suddenly disappears
  • He says he feels confused and doesn’t know what he wants

… you need to become aware of this:

Your mindset has the power to transform everything. If you’ve tried

to win him over by being nice, without achieving anything, it’s time to

become a bit of a badass. That is, to learn to stand up to him.

How to Win Over a Jerk will give you the tools for such a change.

Either he will turn into an affectionate lover or you will become a woman

who no longer feels any attraction for jerks.

Either way, you’ll win!

Genre: How-To

Subject: Lifestyle / Leisure / Sport

Publishing house:

Edizioni il Punto d\'incontro

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Vicenza

Number of pages: 304

Price: 14,90

ISBN: 978-88-6820-608-6

Foreign rights manager: Levi Cristina-

Come conquistare uno stronzo ( How to win over a jerk)

Celli Manuela

MANUELA CELLI An expert in art, fashion, personal growth and psychological wellbeing, Manuela is a keen observer of the mechanisms that regulate desire, approach and conquest in romantic relationships.