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From Baku: Italian poetry and Azerbaijani poetry

May 2021

From  Baku: Italian poetry and Azerbaijani poetry

The Embassy of Italy in Baku contributed to the publication of “Ci siamo incontrati dopo milioni di anni” (We met after millions of years), a publishing initiative aimed at promoting the knowledge of young Italian poets in Azerbaijan, and the latest trends of Azerbaijani poetry in Italy. A double publication, since the book was published in an Italian version by “Capire Edizioni”, with the poems of young Azerbaijanis, and in an Azerbaijani version by “Sharq-Qarb”, with the Italian poems and translations opposite. The work, the idea for which came from poet Davide Rondoni‘s participation in the “Festival Nasimi. Poetry, Arts, Spirituality” held in Baku in September 2019, was edited by Rondoni himself and, for the Azerbaijani part, by poet Nigar Hasanzadeh, with translations by Zuleykha Muradova, editing by Seyfullah Huseynli and editorial coordination by Aydan Aliyeva and Isabella Serra.