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From New York : Multipli Forti. Voices from contemporary Italian literature

6-7-8 June 2022

From New York :  Multipli Forti. Voices from contemporary Italian literature

Italian Literary Fiction Festival – I Edition – June 6 -7 -8, 2022 – 10am to 6pm

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This initiative is aimed at the public of readers and the international publishing world (publishing houses, literary agencies, editors, translators) and it is promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute in New York directed by Fabio Finotti, with the collaboration of the Italian Federation of Writers, with the artistic direction of Maria Ida Gaeta supported by the group of scholars consisting of Alessandro Giammei with Chiara BenetolloMonica Calabritto, Luca Briasco and Eugenio Refini.

Multipli Forti is a transatlantic window on the major literary trends of Italian fiction of our time, told by the authors who have written and are writing it. We asked them to think about six main themes of current literature and each event of Multipli Forti will open with their thoughts on these themes, which have taken the form of short stories, literary memories and meditations, essays and even, in some cases, revealing confessions.

Authors: André Aciman, Edoardo Albinati, Jonathan Bazzi, Lauren Cerand, Teresa Ciabatti, Claudia Durastanti, Alain Elkann, Arianna Farinelli, Teresa Fiore, Michael Frank, Jonathan Galassi, Ann Goldstein, Eli Gottlieb, Margo Jefferson, Jhumpa Lahiri, Vincenzo Latronico, Giancarlo Lombardi, Carlo Lucarelli, Valerio Magrelli, Jenny McPhee, Maaza Mengiste, Michael Moore, Michela Murgia, Francesco Pacifico, Lorenza Pieri, Todd Portnowitzs, Minna Proctor, Elisabetta Rasy, Walter Siti, Anthony Tamburri, Chiara Valerio, Sandro Veronesi.

With video contributions by Donatella Di PietrantonioMelania MazzuccoPaolo RumizAntonio ScuratiNadia TerranovaEmanuele Trevi.

In one of the panels, coordinated by Micahel Reynolds of Europa Editions and Luca Briasco of Minimum Fax, Beniamino Ambrosi (Liz Chenay Agency), Tynan Kogane (editor New Directions), Terrie Akers (Marketing Director, Other Press), Sarah McNally (McNally Jackson Bookstores) and Dan Simon (publisher, Seven Stories Press) will discuss how to promote Italian fiction in America.


A special event will be dedicated to The Bridge Award and the announcement of the 2022 nominations; with the participation of some of the members of the American and Italian juries, and with some authors of the various editions of the award.

The Multipli Forti New York Festival will open an Italian window at the end of September at the Naples Festival, in the splendid setting of the Royal Palace and the National Library, at the first edition of the Reading and Listening Festival promoted by the Campania Foundation of Festivals. Literature will be the ideal bridge between two cities / worlds that have always intertwined their paths.