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Fruttalia ( The fruit diet)

Fruttalia ( The fruit diet)


Did you know that carbohydrates “stagnate” in the body in the form ofmucus? That dairy products actually deprive the body of calcium? Thatthe wrong diet can make you feel fatigued, spaced out, moody?The Fruit Diet is a complete system of care and prevention based onthe body’s innate ability to live in perfect health, if given the right food.Inspired by Arnold Ehret’s approach, revised and expanded in the lightof new experiences and new studies, The Fruit Diet helps you get backyour health and wellbeing through a conscious and natural diet.

  • • A slimmer, healthier body
  • • A stronger immune system
  • • Increased physical energy
  • • A clearer mind• Better sleep
  • • A new, healthier and more natural lifestyle

Genre: Cookery

Subject: Lifestyle / Leisure / Sport

Publishing house:

Edizioni il Punto d\'Incontro

Year of publication: 2014

Published in: Vicenza

Number of pages: 208

Price: 10,90

ISBN: 9788868201234

Foreign rights manager: Cristina Levi -

Fruttalia ( The fruit diet)

Luca Spreranza e Silvio Sciurba

LUCA SPERANZA is an athlete and asport instructor. He is well-known forhis activities, conferences and televisioncontributions, in which he presents asimple and healthy lifestyle.