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I casi impossibili di Zoe&Lu (THE IMPOSSIBLE CASES OF ZOE & LU)

I casi impossibili di Zoe&Lu (THE IMPOSSIBLE CASES OF ZOE & LU)

Foreign rights sold:
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Zoe and Lu will face the most dangerous and mysterious
creatures together, such as creepy softwares escaped from secret agencies, witches and scary zombies!

Lucrezia has a scientific soul, Zoe is the mysterious and tough one, together they makean explosive pair of very young detectives readyto solve impossible and scary cases.

My name is Lucrezia Proietti, I love drawing, I am (modestly) a computer wizz… and I have an unshakable trust in science. Physics, computers, online games, but also fantasy and comics are my common bread. My quiet life as a twelve-year-old has been upset by the encounter with Zoe!Zoe lives in a horror movie house with a butler who looks like a mummy and she investigates the paranormal! Half face always covered by her black hair, she’s a tough girl that makes being different her strongest point. What you are about to read ist he diary of our scary and shocking adventures!

P.S. It also includes my comics!


serie 10+; terzo volume giugno 2020; Capitoli a fumetti

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Mondadori Libri S.p.A.

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 168

Price: 14,90

ISBN: 978880471784

Foreign rights manager: Veronica Broglio -

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I casi impossibili di Zoe&Lu (THE IMPOSSIBLE CASES OF ZOE & LU)

Licia Troisi

LICIA TROISI reknown as the Italian queen of fantasy, has been translated in 19 languagesa nd sold more than 3,5 million copies throughout the world. Now she surprises us with a project for the new generations of readers, without giving up to female heroines, as always the heroines of her stories.

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