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Il capitale amoroso (Love Capital)

Il capitale amoroso (Love Capital)


One of the most interesting voices of contemporary feminism tells us why we must rebuild the political and radical meaning of love.

The new title in our MUNIZIONI collection edited by Roberto Saviano

Our imagination is filled with love, a false, romantic one, while society looks like a heartbroken lover: cynical and careless of love, considered a boring, stupid feeling, a teen fantasy, a luxury for few. Jennifer Guerra dismantles all that as a dangerous product of capitalistic individualism, a system that wants us more and more apart and in competition with each other.

“Love is a transformative force: applying love to our political conscience can lead to a change.”

“Love is something that simply happens to you. You choose it, you take care of it, and you respect it, just as you would a political ideal.” Jennifer Guerra, interview with D laRepubblica.

Genre: Essays

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 129

Price: 15 euro

ISBN: 9788830104327

Foreign rights manager: Manuela Melato (

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Il capitale amoroso (Love Capital)

Jennifer Guerra

Jennifer Guerra (Brescia, 1995) is a writer and a journalist. She works as a copy editor for The Vision, for which she curated the feminist podcast AntiCorpi. She published Il corpo elettrico (Edizioni Tlon) in 2020.