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Il ferroviere e il golden gol (The railwayman and the golden goal)

Il ferroviere e il golden gol (The railwayman and the golden goal)


A delicate and intense novel of a great Italian writer.

«When you dream something at all costs, when you do nothing but think about it from morning to night – well, do not fool yourself that you have really understood something of what you are, and perhaps not even what you want. The only thing we can learn from what we want is that we hate what we have».
To let go. Hope and fall, hope again and fall again, and so on again. Fairy tale and realism come together in the narration of D’Amicis: on one side football as ambition, desire to escape from reality; on the other, through the wandering of the main character from a ball game to a train journey, a precise and refined description of the social composition of Italy emerges at the end of the twentieth century.
A young Apulian railroad worker is laid off. Without a permanent job to keep him even mentally busy, distracted from reality, he spends his time on sunny provincial pitches, looking at unlikely hopes of Italian football and dreaming of becoming a scout for Juventus. His passion is so strong that, against all the odds, he can turn desire into reality, or into a lie that’s truer than truth…

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 160

Price: 16 euro

ISBN: 9788832970920

Foreign rights manager: Foreign Rights: Clementina Liuzzi Literary – Head of Rights:

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Il ferroviere e il golden gol (The railwayman and the golden goal)

Carlo D’Amicis

Carlo D’Amicis (1964) lives and works in Rome. His novel Escluso il cane (2006) was also published in France by Gallimard; La guerra dei cafoni (2008) and Il gioco (2018) were shortlisted at the Premio Strega. Among his other books are: Piccolo Venerdì (1996), Ho visto un re (1999), Amor Tavor (2003), La battuta perfetta (2010) and Il grande cacciatore (2011).