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Il giro del ’44 (The Giro of 1944)

Il giro del ’44 (The Giro of 1944)


A novel about bikes and war: a city boy, an evacuated family, a gang of countryside kids.

Giro d’Italia, June 1940. Martino follows the tour with his grandpa and his best friend: they all support Gino Bartali but there’s a young man who seems to threaten him, Fausto Coppi, who’s going to win his first tour. Martino, though, has nothing to cheer for, because the day after the end of the Giro Italy enters the war. Four years later he and his family are displaced in the countryside where there’s nothing to do. Luckily he got his bike. But that gets stolen by a mean girl who looks like the boss of a local gang. Without stopping dreaming about his own Giro d’Italia, Martino will get closer to this strange girl, experience death and war and live some of the darkest pages of Italian history. Nicola Cinquetti wrote a strong novel about war and life.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 208

Price: 13 euro

ISBN: 9788845296352

Foreign rights manager: Foreign Rights - Manuela Melato

Premi: Winner 2020 Orbil Prize (fiction 11-14 y.o.), finalist at Laura Orvieto Prize 2019

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Il giro del ’44 (The Giro of 1944)

Nicola Cinquetti

Nicola Cinquetti is a poet and writer. He teaches Philosophy in Verona. With Ultimo venne il verme (Bompiani) he was finalist at 2017 Strega Ragazzi Prize.