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Il purgatorio non è eterno (Purgatory is not eternal)

Il purgatorio non è eterno (Purgatory is not eternal)


Rome, 1995. Émile Martin, professor of medieval history at the University of Avignon, is found dead in his room at the Residence La Mimosa. That very evening, a hit and run invests and kills Remo Gentili, a Vatican Archives employee who is swamped with gambling debts. The deputy commissioner Luigi Ranieri and the deputy prosecutor Elena Mariani will find themselves involved in a tight investigation that will lead them beyond the walls of Vatican City, and will push them beyond the Adriatic, in that land, Yugoslavia, once again torn apart by a bloody war. The clues will lead Ranieri and Mariani to follow the fate of a document of the Vatican Secretariat of State, which had been mysteriously stolen. Against all odds, the investigators will have to probe the dark turns of the relationship between the Catholic Church and the fascist regime of the Croatian Ustashis during the Second World War, banging against a wall of silence. Rome, twenty years later. The events that shook the capital in the ’90s have been almost forgotten; only the commissioner Ranieri keeps intact the memory. And he will not miss the opportunity that destiny offers him to reopen the case: he will investigate until he brings to light a disturbing truth.

Genre: Narrative

Publishing house:

Ronzani Editore

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Vicenza (VI)

Number of pages: 350

Price: 17,00€

ISBN: 9788894911497

Foreign rights manager: Ronzani Editore

Premi: Menzione al Premio Italo Calvino (2018)

Il purgatorio non è eterno (Purgatory is not eternal)

Claudio Uguccioni

He was born in 1959 in Saltara, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Since his youth he has always held institutional roles in public administration; he has been Mayor of Saltara for seventeen years. Passionate about mystery novels and espionage, Il purgatorio non è eterno is his first novel, and received an important mention at the XXXI edition of the Italo Calvino Prize (2018).