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Promoting Italian book publishing throughout the world


Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs support for the Italian publishing industry

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs support for the Italian publishing industry

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), using funds allocated by the “Heal Italy” decree, will be making a one-off special contribution of €400,000 to foreign publishing houses that had acquired the translation rights of Italian books. The Ministerial committee entrusted with the task of choosing from among the candidates selected by EDISER SRL, the service company of the Italian Publishers Association, recently completed its work and has awarded 238 contributions. These contributions for the translations of 238 Italian books into over forty languages will be paid out via the Italian network of Embassies, Consulates and Cultural Institutes. The books selected include fumetti and children’s books, two highly successful genres of Italian books abroad. The contributions are one of the numerous initiatives taken this year by the MAECI‘s Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation to promote the Italian publishing industry. Among the other initiatives, there are the prizes and ordinary contributions for translations, with almost 140 works rewarded this year (for a total of over €300,000), the purchase of books for the libraries of Italian schools and institutes abroad and the website newitalianbooks, created to promote Italian books throughout the world. During the current health emergency, this series of interventions is aimed at stimulating the internationalisation of the Italian publishing industry by increasing its visibility in foreign markets and improving the industry’s collaboration with Italian institutions abroad.

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