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La bambina giurassica (Jurassic Girl)

La bambina giurassica (Jurassic Girl)

Foreign rights sold:
Belgium/The Netherlands (Clavis); Spagna (Loyola)

Who says that dinosaurs are extinct?

Good morning Jurassic!

Vannina is a good and quiet girl, but deep down she has plenty of little fears and above all she has always had an explosive and secret passion: DINOSAURS!She only reads books about dinosaurs, drawsdinosaurs, watches documentaries about dinosaurs, she knows everything about them! At the Carnival party she dresses up as a t-rex, and she has a greattime imitating prehistoric hunting scenes scaring thelittle ones as long as some of the children make fun out of her: “Extinct animal! Extinct animal!”. Vanninahas just started to read by herself so she checks this information on her sources: this is unacceptable! Vannina doesn’t give up and thanks to the unusual magic word “O-S-S-O-B-U-C-O!” she manages to make them appear again, literally everywhere!

series 6+; book #2 June 2020

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Mondadori Libri S.p.A.

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 48

Price: €14

ISBN: 978880471953

Foreign rights manager: Veronica Broglio -

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La bambina giurassica (Jurassic Girl)

Vanna Vinci

VANNA VINCI born in Cagliari in 1964, she lives and works inBologna. She is a famous and awarded comic illustrator.Her books have been published by several publishers in Italy, France, Spain, in particular the successfull FridaKahlo: The Story of Her Life.