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La bocca della salute ( Your health is in your mouth)

Your Health is in Your Mouth introduces dentosophy, a holistic approachto dentistry that helps restore harmony in the body-mind connectionthrough the multiple therapeutic possibilities offered by this modernmedicine rooted in ancient traditions.Dentosophy suggests a link between the mouth and psychological/physical discomfort. Its therapeutic approach allows you to removeemotional blocks that often cause physical ailments such as headaches,back pain, allergies, tinnitus, dizziness, musculoskeletal problems andmany other illnesses. It also helps carry out a thorough self-analysis inorder to understand the emotional blocks that prevent you from livinga happy and healthy life.

Santi Francesco

FRANCESCO SANTI, DDS, DMD, holds a specialization in homeopathy and has been trained in Kousmine method, neural therapy, chromopuncture, Zone diet, laser therapy, and Montorsi cranio-occlusal harmonization. He has been practising dentosophy since 2004.