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La malnata by Beatrice Salvioni: sold in 32 countries.

Coming out on 21 March in Italian bookshops, on the 22nd in France and on the 23rd in Spain, a novel that, even before being published, has already caused much talk: La malnata by Beatrice Salvioni (Einaudi Stile Libero).

The first work by a very young writer, the book has already been sold in 28 countries. It is published in Albanian by Dudaj Botimet, in Arabic by Dar Tashkeel, in Brazilian by Intrinseca, in Bulgarian by Obsidian, in Catalan by Periscopi, in Croatian by Sonatina, in Czech by Argo, in Danish by Gronningen, in Dutch by Cargo-De Bezige Bij, in English by HarperVia (World English Rights), in Finnish by Gummerus, in French by Albin Michel, in German by Penguin Hard Cover, in Greek by Patakis, in Hebrew by Kinneret, in Hungarian by Libri Kiado, in Japanese by Kawade Shobo Shinsha, in Lithuanian by Baltos Lankos, in Norwegian by Gyldendal, in Polish by Sonia Draga, in Portuguese by Alfaguara, in Romanian by Litera, in Russian by Sindbad, in Serbian by Publik praktikum, in Slovak by Literárna bašta, in Spanish by Lumen, in Swedish by Brombergs, in Turkish by Epsilon,… and negotiations are ongoing with Chinese, Korean, Estonian and Slovenian publishers. A total of 32 countries: an unprecedented literary case.