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London: Match Point Literary Prize

Second edition of Match Point Literary Prize for unpublished short stories in Italian written by UK residents. An initiative by Il Circolo Italian Cultural Association in collaboration with Londra Scrive, online literary magazines Cattedrale – Osservatorio sul racconto and L’Ultimo Uomo, supported by The Italian Bookshop, under the patronage of the Italian Consulate General in London. The jury, composed of lecturer of Italian Olga Campofreda, writers Benedetta CibrarioDaniele DerossiMarco MancassolaPaolo Nelli and Caterina Soffici, literary agent Isabella d’Amico and publishing expert Giovanna Salvia, will announce the winners in due course.

The theme of the short stories to be submitted is our fears: big and small ones, funny or serious, rational or crazy. An occasion to explore the concept of danger and our own personal or shared traumas, our fears for the future or the very immediate ones, the ones that hurt us and those that, happily, sort themselves out.

To find out more and to submit your story please click HERE

Deadline for submissions: 30 June 2023