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London: Pier Paolo Pasolini

On 16 January 2023, 6.30 p.m., at the Italian Cultural Institute in London, the presentation of the first translation into English of Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s book La rabbia (The Anger, Tenement Press, tr. by Cristina Viti) will take place. With the participation of the translator.

Written in response to producer Gastone Ferranti’s request for his comments on a set of newsreel items, the poet would respond with a montage of his own. Via the unfolding of a chrysalis of images, in La rabbia (1963), Pasolini’s lens pans over Soviet repression in Hungary; the Cuban revolution; (the utopian object of) space exploration; political imprisonment in Algeria; the liberation of the former European colonies; the election of Pope John xxiii; the prospect of revolution in Africa and the Middle East; in Europe and in Latin America…