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Matilda e il Capitano in Una Stagione all’Inferno (Matilda and the Captain in A Season in Hell)

The adventures of Matilda and the Captain continue. This time dealing with the mysteries of the wildest Africa. Traveling from the coast of Dancalia (Afar) to the legendary city of Harar, to the mountains of Bale in the company of the adventurer and explorer Augusto Franzoj and his friend Arthur Rimbaud. The first two adventures. Matilda and the Captain, or the lost Moby Dick: Mediterranean, Cuba, Cartagena de Indias, New York, New Bedford, Nantucket. Matilda and the Captain in the Shadow Line, the opium routes: Bangkok, Macau, Canton, Jakarta, Borneo, Singapore; on the trail of Joseph Conrad.

Bocchi Vittorio

Vittorio Bocchi (Mantua 1964), publisher and author. He has published: Three Concert, Strix Sive Ars Moriendi, Mais, Altitudo, Trip to the Moon – Mexico, Mississippi Border, The Snow-Goose, Matilda and the Captain – or the lost Moby Dick, Matilda and the Captain in the Shadow Line, The Italian-American Other, The Swan of the Andreasis, Francesco Bisighini – Return from Buenos Aires.