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Millennials. Il Mondo Nuovo (Millennials. The New World)

Millennials. Il Mondo Nuovo (Millennials. The New World)

Foreign rights sold:
Rights sold in Russia (Eksmo)


A fast-paced and visually powerful novel imagining a world where only people under 17 survive

The story is set in the North of Italy in 2023. Four years earlier, all men and women over the age of seventeen froze, and never moved since. Millennials were left alone in a planet inhabited by the frozen statues of their parents, teacher, politicians. Since, they built a new world, run through a rudimentary but effective network, the Syn, which is the center of knowledge. And most of them have been living in small, self-sufficient communities. Now everything is about to change once again: suddenly, the “frozen” start awakening. Are the adults coming back or is it something else? Stella, who has spent years studying the phenomenon of the “frozen”, is the only one who is aware that any adults is now part of a new extraordinary entity, a collective intelligence of which the human bodies are only the nerve endings.

Genre: Teenagers

Publishing house:

Mondadori Libri

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 468

Price: €19

ISBN: 9788804702238

Foreign rights manager: Emanuela Canali

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Millennials. Il Mondo Nuovo (Millennials. The New World)

La Buoncostume

LA BUONCOSTUME is a pseudonym for a group of writers, directors and actors active since 2008 in developing projects for TV and online fiction.  They work between Rome, Naples and Milan.