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How will I be when I grow up? A child struggling with growing up asks herself many questions, some of which are considered by most to be a bit burning. In fact, nudity still seems to be a taboo, but what’s wrong with knowing your body? After all, that’s how we are! The time has come to strip off all prejudices and admire the beauty of nature in all its forms. We meet Aida, who comes from a very hot place and has dark skin; where Erik lives, instead, it often snows and the skin is white as milk; finally, Liang has two small almond-shaped eyes and in his country there are even pandas! Even adults are very different from each other: then we enter the changing rooms of a swimming pool, to discover that each person – old or young, tall or short, thin or fat – is unique, and that’s exactly the beauty. You know how boring if we were all identical! But then, what does it matter how I grow up?! Because despite the differences, my family and friends will love me equally. A tender picture book that reveals discrimination by enhancing the beauty of diversity.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2021

Published in: Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Number of pages: 36

Price: 13,50

ISBN: 9788831426107

Foreign rights manager: Cinzia Seccamani, Find Out Team

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Alessia Colombo

Alessia Colombo, author, illustrator and graphic designer, studied drawing at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and editorial illustration at the MiMaster in Milan. She collaborates with important Italian publishers creating illustrations for school books, book covers, magazines and children’s books. She combines drawing with reading crime and fantasy books and walking her dog Freyja in the mountains of Bergamo, where she lives and works.