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Piedi e orecchio – Il pettirosso | Feet and Ears – The robin

Piedi e orecchio – Il pettirosso  | Feet and Ears – The robin

Feet and Ears. Journeys in sound for young nature explorers.

Step by step, traveling with ears wide open, to discover sounds and music with your child.

Feet and Ears is the new line of illustrated children’s books for discovering nature through the eyes and ears.

Each volume features an original story dedicated to the small creatures that a child might encounter in his/her outdoor explorations in the park or playground, and to the sounds of nature and the cycle of seasons.


A book about autumn, with the need to find food, make a nest, give birth. Getting closer to the animal world and its many curiosities helps children open themselves to participatory observation and listening.




Genre: Kids

Subject: Music

Publishing house:

Edizioni Curci

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 28

Price: Euro 13,90

ISBN: 9788863952742

Foreign rights manager: Laura Moro / Cinzia Di Dio La Leggia

Piedi e orecchio – Il pettirosso  | Feet and Ears – The robin

Maria Cannata

In addition to having composed several musical fairy tales, she conducts workshops for all ages and training activities for educators, parents, and librarians. She has worked at the Museum of Music in Bologna and the Scala Shop in Milan. She has been collaborating for several years with Melograno, a maternity and birth information center in Gallarate. She has been conducting the First Steps in Music program at the LAC in Lugano, Switzerland since 2018.