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Rome: Farnèse à la page

On 15 March, Palazzo Farnese, seat of the French Embassy in Rome, will host the first edition of Farnese à la page, a morning dedicated to round tables and debates among professionals from the book world who will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of publishing and literature in Europe.

The event will be an opportunity to strengthen cultural ties between France and Italy, in view of the Paris Book Festival – scheduled from 21 to 23 April – where Italy will participate as guest of honour.

The first edition of Farnese à la page will turn the spotlight on the evolution of European literature, with a focus on France and Italy, and on the actors involved in the dissemination of publishing in Europe. The proposal was well received by more than 20 leading Italian, French and European personalities. Among them, the following will take part in this year’s edition: Lorenzo Flabbi, Teresa Cremisi, Marie-Madeleine Rigopoulos, Nathalie Zberro, Theo Collier, Yoann Ubermulhin, Jacques Testard and Alberto Garlini. During the meetings, emphasis will be placed on the issues, as essential as they are topical, of the transformations in publishing, translations, as well as copyright in relation to audiovisuals and the growth of literary festivals.

Farnese à la page intends to prolong the work of cooperation, in the literary and publishing fields, of the French Embassy and the Institut Français in Italy by fostering debate between the various players in the French, Italian and European book world. In this way it will be possible to open a space for collective transnational reflection aimed at bringing together European publishing proposals and individual local and regional realities. The aim of the round tables will also be to give the audience an overview of the different voices of contemporary publishing and books, celebrating the richness and vitality of literature in Europe.

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