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Se vuoi la pace (If you want peace)

Se vuoi la pace (If you want peace)


Long is the road, never-ending, in fact, because peace is built day by day, without a pause: it is a question that begs for a reply. Long is the road, but we are ready, with the kites that will paint our horizons.
From the pen of Anna Sarfatti and the pencil of Andrea Rivola comes an album that speaks of peace, a peace that resembles a kite composed of a colorful mosaic. Large illustrated images present us with pairs of opposites: courage and cowardice, loyalty and betrayal, help and indifference, letting us discover together the pieces that together compose the kite of peace..

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Giunti Editore

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Firenze

Number of pages: 36

Price: € 12,00

ISBN: 9788809884410

Foreign rights manager: LeeAnn Bortolussi

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Se vuoi la pace (If you want peace)

aut. Anna Sarfatti - ill. Andrea Rivola

Anna Sarfatti (Florence, Italy, 1950) lives in Florence, where she was a pre-school and elementary school teacher. She is an author of children’s books, as well as essays and articles on pedagogy and education. She is actively engaged in the search for ways and means to promote a rights-based culture and civic activism among children. In her many encounters with both children and adults in schools, libraries and bookstores, she presents her books and proposes themes and problems linked to children’s literature.

Andrea Rivola (Faenza, Italy, 1975), after graduating from an artistic high school, attended the Center for Professional Training to become a “Communications and Communication Systems Technician” at Ravenna’s Albe Steiner School and subsequently received his art degree from the University of Bologna. Singled out for recognition numerous times at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, his résumé includes more than thirty books published in Italy and abroad. He lives and works in the hills of Riolo Terme surrounded by vineyards, vats and local wildlife, endless sources of refreshment and inspiration for his illustrations.