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Susanna and the Ogres

Susanna and the Ogres

During the Second World War, a young girl survives hidden in a hole inside a Nazi lager. Years later, thanks to her mother’s memories, she understands the sense of that experience.

Susanne’s parents are deported to build a military road for the Nazis. Despite the cruel controls, they manage to keep their girl with them, hiding her in a hole inside the barrack. Susanne spends a lot of time alone in the dark, but her fantasy invents a friend, a mouse prince who fights against the bad ogres (the fanatic SS) on her behalf.

Based on a true story.

Publishing house:

Albe Edizioni

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 192

Price: 13,50

ISBN: 978-88-94888-13-3

Foreign rights manager: Alberto Cristofori


Susanna and the Ogres

Mariella Ottino - Silvio Conte - David Rodriguez

Mariella Ottino e Silvio Conte, teachers in Ivrea (Turin), have written many children books with very nice characters and fascinating plots.

David Rodriguez (Buenos Aires 1983) studied arts in Argentina. He uses different techniques and is very interested in social and political issues.