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Tutta questione di chimica (A question of chemistry)

Tutta questione di chimica (A question of chemistry)

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Alternative energy sources, smart drugs, vaccines, nutrition, beauty: it’s all a question of chemistry, and it’s all understandable when someone is able to make it accessible.
For years Giuseppe Alonci has been studying and teaching chemistry. He even created a YouTube channel where he conducts a genuine form of mass education: “La chimica per tutti!” (Chemistry for everyone!).
In his short lessons everything not only makes sense, but becomes captivating. Understanding how we’re made and what composes the reality that surrounds us becomes a thrilling, entertaining voyage of discovery, for people of all ages. “The sensation I’m aiming for is what psychologists term ‘insight’ and what, in everyday language, we might express with the classic ‘Eureka!’: that sudden euphoria that’s unleashed when we finally solve a problem or resolve a dilemma”.

Genre: Essays

Subject: Mathematics and pure sciences

Publishing house:

Giunti Editore

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Firenze

Number of pages: 240

Price: € 14,00

ISBN: 9788809880542

Foreign rights manager: LeeAnn Bortolussi

Premi: Premio Nazionale di Divulgazione Scientifica ‘Giancarlo Dosi’ 2019, categoria Under 35 / Giancarlo Dosi 2019 Scientific Knowledge award, Best Author under 35

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Tutta questione di chimica (A question of chemistry)

Giuseppe Alonci

Born in 1990, Giuseppe Alonci got his chemistry degree in Pisa and is currently a PhD student at the Institut de Science et Ingénierie Supramoléculaires in Strasburg. He has garnered numerous awards and recognitions for young chemists; currently, his research is oriented toward the synthesis, characterization and assessment of new biomaterials for medical applications. He created the YouTube channel ‘La chimica per tutti!’ where he passionately teaches the subject he loves to thousands of visitors through both popular and didactic videos.