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Vegan senza glutine ( The gluten-free vegan)

Vegan senza glutine ( The gluten-free vegan)


Are you interested in vegan cooking but you suffer from food allergies andyou have to rule out grains and dairy products? The Gluten-free Vegan willbecome your reference book for a plant-based diet without gluten anddairy products.Written by Maria Alessandra Tosatti, an experienced nutritionist, andFrancesca Gregori, famous Italian blogger and vegan chef, The Gluten-freeVegan is not just a cookbook, but also a detailed guide for celiacs, milkprotein allergy sufferers, lactose intolerants, vegetarians and vegans.In The Gluten-free Vegan you will also find the mouth-watering Italianrecipes of chef Francesca Gregori from the blog The Mindful Tomato: healthyand tasty vegan and gluten-free dishes from appetizers to desserts andspecial occasions. Special attention has been given to tradition, the use ofgluten-free wholegrain cereals, and the presentation of dishes.

Genre: Cookery

Subject: Lifestyle / Leisure / Sport

Publishing house:

Edizioni il Punto d\'Incontro

Year of publication: 2016

Published in: Vicenza

Number of pages: 320

Price: 19,90

ISBN: 978-88-6820-344-3

Foreign rights manager: Levi Cristina (

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Vegan senza glutine ( The gluten-free vegan)

Francesca Gregori e Maria Alessandra Tosatti

FRANCESCA GREGORI has been for many years a vegan and gluten-free chef. She holds cooking workshopsfor professionals and individuals.

MARIA ALESSANDRA TOSATTI holdsa degree in Biology at the Universityof Padua and a Master in vegetariannutrition at the Polytechnic Universityof Marche. She works as a nutritionistand helps all those who, for ethical orhealth reasons, choose to exclude orlimit animal products.