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Vengo prima io (I come first)

Vengo prima io (I come first)

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A guide to pleasure and female orgasm. The first book about female orgasm that answers the questions of thousands of women.

Even today, orgasm and female pleasure are still taboo subjects that no one easily speaks or writes about. But these are themes of high interest, as confirmed by the huge participation levels to a questionnaire distributed through Italian media that form the basis of this book, prepared with sexologist, Roberta Rossi. Vengo prima io, in fact, is born from the experiences of more than 16,300 women and the answers to their questions. With simple and precise language, and a reassuring and reliable voice, Doctor Roberta Rossi helps us understand how female pleasure and the female body works, what we can try and experiments, and how to overcome stumbles and obstacles. All this to help women experience sex calmly, openly and without stress. To learn what we want, to choose what we like and to learn how to ask for it.


Genre: Essays

Subject: Practice / Self-help / Personal development

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Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Milano

Number of pages: 352

Price: 17 euro

ISBN: 9788891582416

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Sales ranking: In the top 20 bestseller list in October and November 2019 - three reprints in two months -

Vengo prima io (I come first)

Roberta Rossi

Roberta Rossi is a psychotherapist and sexologist at the Clinical Sexology Institute in Rome, and President of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology. She has a blog on and a column in Mind. She is also a reference point for various magazines on the topic of sexology.